Auto Prospector.

We finally eliminated manual prospecting with Auto Prospector! You automatically can identify your next customers and reach out daily to hundreds of decision makers categorized by Personas in companies with similar characteristics. Auto Prospector it is the most reliable technology that helps you connect faster to your next customer!

Automate your prospecting and
outreach with Auto Prospector.

Orchestrate a winning strategy where you engage multiple companies and personas simultaneously, or simply one at a time until you get a meeting booked, that lead to a win deal.

Identify your next Customer.

Use keywords, technologies, industries, geography, company size and more filters to set up the ideal profile and how many accounts you want per day and let Voogy do the heavy lifting by prospecting for you.

How many accounts per day?

Design the Auto Prospector by choosing the number of accounts you like to break into daily such as 5 new accounts.

Prospect by Persona

Set Voogy to prospect by Persona and how many prospects by perona you need, and we will save them to your play or integration automatically.

Use Persona's to target.

Map your ideal personas in Voogy and let the automation kick in, it is truly revolutionary.

Persona focused

Design your automated outreach by personas to make sure you reach them in a way that interest the persona. You need to trigger their senses and curiosity to get them to reply.

Auto Prospect by Persona

Use personas to auto prospect and add the personas automatically to the right play to ensure you increase your sales.

Let the Auto Prospector find your next Customer.

Setup the auto prospector and let it ideitify per automation your next account and prospects, it is powerfull and revolutionary.

Use Firmographics

Setup your ideal Firmographics and let Voogy do the magic every single day

Use Technographices

Identify which technologies your next customer uses and the auto prospector sticks to that.

Send prospects to a play or integration?.

Set up the Auto Prospector to automatically sync prospects to a play and start your sales process, or sync them directly to your CRM like Salesforce.

Sync to a Play

Sync the prospect to a play is the same as fully automating your sales cycle.

Sync to an Integration

Come to work and see new prospects in Salesforce or any other CRM when you enter your office everyday.

Churnback joined the Auto Prospector. They closed over $1M ARR with Voogy automation

240 percent more demos

104 percent more sales productivity

124 percent more qualified Leads

James Williams
VP Sales

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Account-Based Sales is your Plays
and avoid the bad ones.

With Voogy your Sales Team, can ensure they reach their goals, stay on track with their engagement and close more deals.


Map the prospects on autopilot and send them to the right play automatically!


See how the campaign works, are you achieving positive or negative replies, are you winning?


See what works and doesn't engagement rate is calculated and opens/replies is speaking for it self!

Talk to the right Personas,
Win more Deals.

Voogy provides the engagement platform that helps organizations engage more ideal personas wihtin ideal accounts more effectively and prevent the mistakes that can ruin new deals.

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