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Outbound sales is a vital part of any thriving company to expand its business. To achieve continuous growth, generating new leads on a regular basis is indispensable. The process of lead generation used to be an exhausting one but nowadays luckily there are great technological tools that cut down the time used for prospecting from 4 hours to just 30 minutes per day.

Many tech companies are using the strategy of sales acceleration, an aggressive approach where the main focus is to speed up their sales cycle so they can touch base with a great number of companies in a short amount of time. Although it’s a fair approach yet many businesses have noticed that they’re not generating the response they were hoping for. The reason behind is that the sales acceleration approach bypasses the personal touch that is often times crucial to the sales cycle. Therefore, many are switching their strategy from the quantitative to qualitative one.

Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD)

Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD) is a concept deriving from an account-based marketing where Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) is identified and prioritised in the sales process. This means creating a qualified pipeline with accounts that can surely profit from your company’s products and then divide them amongst your Sales Development Representatives (SDRs). They will then need to use a proactive multi-touch approach with hyper-relevant content to attract potential clients. Although this might sound complicated, it is actually something that comes very natural to many of us.  

The switch from focusing on accounts instead of leads in practice means that your SDRs will spend a greater focus on the company itself and on the quality of their reach rather than on individual leads or the number of people they contact. It starts with SDRs cleansing the data and starting fresh. Although this might take a week or two, cutting down a number of leads your SDRs have to interact with, will leave them more time to focus on their accounts. They will be able to do research on companies, personalise their approaches and therefore, significantly increase the probability of their emails being open, read and replied to.

Identify your Targeted Audience

To realise ABSD concept, you must first identify your target prospects, starting with, let’s say your 20 most relevant companies, and divide them amongst your SDRs. One way of identifying your hot leads is through Salestools’ Acquire section which is integrated with Google Analytics and will show you who is visiting your website and what about your company they’re interested in to make sure you give them a pitch tailored to their needs.

To prospect the most relevant people, I would recommend avoiding databases, that are outdated. In this technological era, one of the most effective way is simply making search on LinkedIn. To do this process quickly and efficiently you can use that helps you to extract the most relevant people with their verified emails and phone numbers. In this platform, you will be able to have a good overview of what the targeted company does, it’s most relevant sales employees (e.g. their Business Development Manager or Vice President of Sales) and the history of interaction you had with these people. Then, determine your touch points, for instance, making a connection with them on LinkedIn, sending about 5 emails in sequences of 2-3 days and calling each of your accounts 5 times.

To achieve optimal results, tailoring the outreach in ABSD should be done in the cooperation of the SDR, Account Executive and the Marketing Professional in a way that addresses the customer’s pain points, creates a connection and offer them a strategic solution. Furthermore, this personal approach can actually be measured, as ABSD is famous for its high referral rates so make sure this is something you pay attention to.  

The statistics indicating the value of this approach is more than significant. Companies have reported an increase in emails opened from about 6% to 60%, reply rate from about 3% to 30% and an increase in meetings booked of about 20% more. But that’s not all. The personal touch with your customers will not only profit company but will also profit the SDRs. You’ll be able to observe a higher morale and performance rate of your workers as they will be more invested in the accounts given to them, feel a greater sense of accomplishment when closing their deals and last but not least, they’ll show more loyalty and happiness towards your company.