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When it comes to becoming a vice president of sales in a company, you have to take care of a lot of things. However, when you are talking about the sales scenario in a company, things can be totally different from how they can be in other companies. Start-up environment and the methodologies can be completely different from the norms and the conventional sales paradigm of well settled SMB and giants.

So, if you want to live up to your responsibilities of a VP in sales in a young company, this is the article for you.

1. Forget the methodology of large companies:

Have you worked in a large software company? Leave the methodology you used there, as it may not work in a startup. Get involved in new things, learn from them, adapt the trends and thrive.

2. Keep an open mind while hiring:

Hiring system in top companies is completely different than in a startup. Hiring people from companies like SAP and Oracle who do million dollar deals daily are not a great fit for a startup. While hiring be very open for new talent. You can train and imbibe company’s value & culture into your budding team. During the interview, ask behavioural questions as its gonna give a clarity and understanding of their attitude, temperament and qualities that you can be polished for the best interest of the organisation and vice versa.

3. Keep your business plan simple:

If you are for success, keep your plans simple and understandable. Unnecessary complexities in terms of processes can push an epic phenomenon of ‘counter-productivity’. You better use the Military technique of KISS: Keep It Simple Silly. Keep your communication channels such as pitch, messaging, and presentation clear and simple. Understand the market completely and then put your products on sale where demand is high. Know what your weak points are, learn form the latest trends, work on them and transform them into your strength.

4. Learn from your experiences:

If you want to take your business to the next level then always remember this point. Be passionate to know the upcoming problems and find out different solutions to overcome them. Hiring a sales job VP for your startup mere “for the paycheck” is not enough. Own this point. Treat your startup like a baby like late nights care, special time weekends. Always be on the grid. This is the only way to get success.

5. Pick a well-suited founder/co-founder/CXO accordingly:

Everyone loves to work with only those people who they trust and and can count on them in upheavals and debacles. It will be greatly helpful for you in future if your CEO is someone you’re compatible with and can bank on.

6. Know how to interact with your team:

It’s vital to build a great bond with your team and the key is super clear communication, clarity of goals and sense of humour. To take your business to new hikes, you gotta share and maintain great relationships with your team. You can’t afford to be lazy in communication with your team members in a start up environment.

7. Choose your startup carefully:

It is a fact that approx 90 percent of start-ups will fail within first few years of their launch. Therefore, before the final call, it is crucial to make a deep research of your target market, your competitors and scope of growth & revenues. Set up an umbrella of advisors and experienced people before the haze. They can navigate and put you on a right trail.

8. Make your decisions carefully:

Be very pragmatic and careful when it comes to decide about the people whom you’re going to work with. Use the facts blended with your intuition while making your decisions and enjoy this terrific adventure of mental adrenaline.

9. Provide high commission rates to your sales people:

To increase the market sales of your company, you can provide discounts for a time to gain a competitive advantage. Apply this rule and turn your sales into a highly profitable business. This way you can penetrate more into various industry and get your users spread a word of mouth. Commissions are directly proportional to the Sales as they are the fuels of Sales people. A universal truth, isn’t it???

10. Your team’s success is yours:

To keep on the track of the success, create a healthy and friendly work environment in the company. Involve your co-workers with you and applaud their roles and achievements. Appreciation motivates the morale of a team and your team will enjoy working with you. Share your knowledge with them and make them realize that you are always with them in their thick and thin.