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Voogy Insight(Prospect on any website)
Playbooks(Smart sales strategies and email automation)
Export To CRM/CSV(15 direct integrations + Zapier and CSV)
IMPORT FROM CSV(Import your data from a CSV file)
Technographics (basic)(Prospect using Technographics see list)
Technographics (Premium)(Prospect using Technographics see list)
Personas(Build Personas and automate your prospecting)
Outbound Auto Prospector(Automate your prospecting, see new leads every day)
Dashboard(See all your activites in one place)
Integrations(Integrate with your favorite CRM systems plus Zapier)
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Frequently Asked Questions

We allow you to buy quarterly, however buying annually you will get higher savings plus 20% or more and show us love.

All prices on our website are without taxes. Because we’re a Danish company, we might add VAT depending on where you’re from. If you are a business in EU and provide a VAT number you do not pay VAT. If you are in EU and do not provide it, we charge you VAT. If you are a non EU resident you do not pay VAT.

Voogy has an internal duplication system active on any plan, if you setup a team it is setup to identify or remove duplicates across the team. We also bill a credit for any download you do as well credits do not roll over.

Sign up now and get 100 free prospects to try the system for 14 days. Since we offer free trial and you can try the platform before subscribing we don’t provide refunds, and the trial will automatically move to the growth plan after the 14 days unless you cancel by emailing customer care on [email protected] and that is paid quarterly.

You can book it directly through the chat widget, we do offer a free trial to give us a test run.

"Yearly Plans" offer a 12 month subscription with a 20% discount or more on the monthly price. We love annual customers as they dedicate their teams to better data and sales processes. "Monthy Plans" runs month to month in accordance to our terms and conditions.