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No more hunting across the internet for your next lead one after the other. Prospector allows you to generate highly targeted lists of accounts and leads complete with email addresses, phone numbers, and a full profile, in just seconds.

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Voogy Prospector.

Voogy identifies and finds your next customer set prospecting
on autopilot with Auto Prospector!

Prospecting + Technologies.

Identify your next customer using Technologies and make sure they are matching your ideal customer profile!

Role + Seniority Level.

Use Role + Seniority Level to target prospects in your desired accounts and make Prospecting efficient and highly targeted.

300M+ Prospects.

If Voogy doesn't have the prospect no one will, we cover over 300M+ prospects globally!

Live Data & Prospecting

Prospecting by technology.

Find your next customer using a specific technology from our continue growing database of over 200M contacts. Instant search with our propriety email verification process that ensures you’ll get accurate leads and the the most up-to-date contact information available.

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Live Data & Prospecting

Prospect by Department.

Save time and let Saletsools return your ideal prospects from over 300M contacts. Target prospect from any department as Sales, Marketing, IT, Finance and our Artificial Intelligence engine will return you well selected fresh updated data.

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Live Data & Prospecting

Prospect by Seniority Level.

Find the decision maker, influencer and business users by a single click. Simply sort your prospects by A.I. powered data that sorts your Directors, VP level prospects by a single click.

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Churnback joined the Auto Prospector. They closed over $1M ARR with Voogy automation

240 percent more demos

104 percent more sales productivity

124 percent more qualified Leads

James Williams
VP Sales

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