Why the world’s top companies choose Voogy

World class sales and marketing teams are choosing Voogy to get the freshest possible data synced to their current tools or to create new opportunities with Intent data.

Intent Data increases email opens and win rates!

Enable your sales team to work on better deals that are more likely to close.

Voogy offers the strongest intent tracking on the market and scans over 60,000,000 companies a month, tracking them on your website and can reverse engineer by Automation which person in a specific department to contact to close a deal.

Data for your sales & marketing team

Voogy covers you on the entire sales cycle, from discovery of ideal customers visiting your website showing valuable intent, to a predictable outbound funnel.

Voogy offers access to 300,000,000+ contacts across more than 60,000,000 companies globally and we are GDPR compliant.

Where does the data come from?

Combining over 300 public and 60M+ private data sources and sorting through millions of data points, we provide business intelligence from a variety of sources: social presence, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, and many more. We source all of our own data and don’t rely on any of the traditional downstream data providers.

How are we transforming billions of data points?

Using artificial intelligence we combine data from multiple sources and transform it by automation into actionable insights and data that you can rely on. Not all data is perfect, and all those data points can create a lot of mess. We are scoring and validating each data source in real time, enabling the system to take smart decisions about which data source to use for each attribute. We've been using machine learning for the past 4 years to analyze the data and turn it into standardized and usable data sets. Role, Seniority, Company Tags, Estimated Revenue, etc.

Data Verification at scale.

Our team at Voogy works for the past 4 years together with the most brilliant data scientists that are extremely hard to get, and engineers to built algorithms that take the transformation of the data into our verification engine, and as the last step make the data actionable. Every single record goes through two stages of verification. First step, is all the fresh data updated and the records have been refreshed within the last 30 days? Second step, is the data verrified? Unfortunately, we all know that not all publicly available data is accurate, and we use a combination of exception identification and a highly trained QA team to ensure that every single record is as accurate as possible.

Thousands of companies worldwide use Voogy to grow revenue faster

Automate the way you discover and reach out to them today! Voogy Intent will track your inbound visitors reverse engineer their IP and identify the best people to reach live.


“Churnback joined Voogy. They closed over $1M ARR with Voogy automation.” We recently moved over to Intent Driven Marketing Automation and i must admit this is a game changer!

James Williams, Churnback