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Focus on leads that actually will buy and respond to your Salesteam. You are missing out on up to 97% of all your inbound traffic. Simply turn your website into a Lead Magnet + Revenue Machine!

Make Your Website a Revenue Machine

Identify website visitors and automatically engage

Automate the way you discover and reach out to new prospects today! Voogy will track your inbound visitors reverse engineer their IP and identify the best people to reach out too live and automate their intent interest based full automation.

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Intent Driven Marketing Automation Platform

An automated approach for marketing to generate better MQL’s for the salesteam. Retarget your adwords campaigns with outbound emails, by automation. Voogy Intent will identify anonymous companies and re-engage with the rigth contacts by automation.

Automated Intent Tracking

Voogy will track your inbound visitors reverse engineer their IP and identify the best people to reach live.

Track your outbound/inbound

Track your Outbound and Inbound engagement, let your salesteam know when a lead is live on your website, smart dashboard to inform when to call.

Auto Prospector for inbound

Automatically identify the right people from anonymous visitors, to engage them in high converting intent campaigns by personas.

Engage based on Adwords

Retarget visitors based on adwords clicks, and tailor high converting campaigns to convert them based on their intent.

Hyper target based on location

When a global company visit your website, ensure the prospects are identifed by their current location, not just the HQ. Engage with local teams that make decisions (Or vice-versa).

Visitor Behaviour

Set up filters based on visitor behaviour, ensure they visited the pricing page before you automatically engage with them. Setup number of visits per company, time on your website etc as qualification criterias.

Trusted and awarded platform

We are proud to be recognized by Gartner, Red Herring and others as a game changer for B2B Companies globally.

Integrated with your favorite apps

Voogy has 15+ Native integrations and as well Zapier

Customer success stories

Customers globally are turning their websites into revenue machines. When you invest in Marketing, your salesteam is converting more leads through Voogy and crushing quota!


“Churnback joined Voogy. They closed over $1M ARR with Voogy automation.” We recently moved over to Intent Driven Marketing Automation and i must admit this is a game changer!

James Williams, Churnback