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Let your Sales team focus on leads which are actively evaluating your offerings. Simply turn your website into a  Lead Magnet + Revenue Machine!

For Example: or

We have found leads from for you

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IT Budget:Revenue:Technologies:
$2,500,000$20,500,000Salesforce, Salestools, …
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Companies from across the globe choose Voogy to fuel their growth.

Here’s how Voogy helps you identify and reach your high-value prospects by automation

Know your visitors

See the companies or potential customers visiting your website and narrow down on your Ideal Customer Profile.

Track their activity

Understand their intent by tracking their activity on your website.

Automate Prospecting

Reach out your warm prospects/leads by persona automatically. Yes we are GDPR compliant.


Prospect on any website and Enrich your LinkedIn Data with Voogy Insights plugin

Add to Chrome

Automated Emails, Calls and Tasks in one unified platform with Playbooks

Personal Emails at Scale

Automate and scale 1:1 email communications while keeping them personal and focusing on what matters.

Opens & Clicks Tracking

Get comprehensive statistics on performance metrics such as deliveries, opens and clicks for every email in a sequence.

Email & Campaign Templates

Save your time by using predefined email and campaign templates and increase efficiency.

Identify website visitors and automatically engage

Automate the way you discover and reach out to new prospects today! Voogy will track your inbound visitor's reverse engineer their IP and identify the best people to reach out.

The old wayBefore Voogy
The new wayAfter Voogy
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Prospect Engine with Technographics, Job Filters and much more. Prospect 300M+ people and 70M+ Companies today.

Prospecting + Technologies

Identify your next customer using Technologies and make sure they are matching your ideal customer profile!

Role + Seniority Level.

Use Role + Seniority Level to target prospects in your desired accounts and make Prospecting efficient and highly targeted.

Job Search

Prospect based on job openings, new in 2019!

Trusted and awarded platform

We are proud to be recognized by Gartner, Red Herring and others as a game changer for B2B Companies globally.

Integrated with your favorite apps

Voogy has 15+ Native integrations and as well Zapier

Voogy now offers a Data Guarantee
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Customer success stories

Customers globally are turning their websites into revenue machines. When you invest in Marketing, your salesteam is converting more leads through Voogy and crushing quota!


“Churnback joined Voogy. They closed over $1M ARR with Voogy automation.” We recently moved over to Intent Driven Marketing Automation and i must admit this is a game changer!

James Williams, Churnback